Your 10,000 Chinese shoppers in Cambridge during February

Dear Cambridge Royal Heritage Quarter Retailers,

Approximately 12,000 Mainland Chinese shoppers will visit Cambridge in February, with the highest number visiting during the first week of the month which is a National holiday in Mainland China. This first week is typically a time for buying Chinese New Year gifts so expect the average spend per shopper to be higher than normal.

It worth noting that Chinese New Year (CNY) day is on Monday 8th Feb. If your store team would like to wish the Mainland Chinese shoppers a Happy New Year they can say ” Gong She Phar Tie”, which sounds convincingly close to the most popular Chinese new year greeting.  Try it and watch your sales soar and your team have some fun.

Some of the more advanced retailers such as Brora, Mappin & Webb, Ryder Amies and North Shoes already have CNY decorations in their windows. The poster featured in this email is the sort of decoration you can use. 2016  is the Chinese Year of the Monkey, so anything with a monkey image would fit well in your window. Failing that something red with a Chinese character such as “Chun” meaning spring – as featured in the poster. Email me if you need the PDF version of this poster for your store.

March edition Map of the Royal Heritage Quarter of Cambridge

The Royal Enclosure Map is currently reaching an estimated 10,000 Mainland Chinese travellers per month and is now also being distributed through the Cambridge Railway Station, Hilton hotel, Ryder Amies and displayed on the St.Mary’s billboard in the city centre. The March edition of the map goes to print on 15th February in case you have any suggested updates or would like to apply to be included.


Zai Jian ( Goodbye in Mandarin Chinese)