Royal Enclosure 16 (RE16) annual season ends on 18 Jun 2016

Please note that the RE16 Annual Season closes on 18th June 2016.

RE16 team cards will cease to rise in price at the start of the new RE17 annual season on 19th June 2016.

All RE17 team cards prices will be released at £17.


In RE17 (starting on Friday June 19th 2016) all 32 Royal Enclosure teams will receive a grade based on thier performance during the RE16 season.

1st position: Grade 1

2nd -8th position : Grade 2

9th -16th position : Grade 3

17th -24th position : Grade 4

25th -32nd position : Grade 5

All team cards will then rise in price according to their grade with the Grade 1 team card price  rising by £1 with each win. Grade 2 team card prices  will rise by £2 with each win and so on.