Royal Enclosure introduction

Royal Enclosure sports spectator accessories are designed to take you inside the extraordinary world of British equestrian racing culture and it’s almost mythical power to strengthen leadership abilities, strategic thinking and decision making skills which has drawn many generations of Monarchs, Princes and Giants of industry to the sport over hundreds of years.

These elevating qualities of the sport are brought to millions of people all over the world from our team in the centre of Cambridge, England through the Royal Enclosure Championship a digital spectator oriented platform centred on the competition among 32 of the most distinguished stables/teams competing in British equestrian racing and includes teams built by HM the Queen, Prince Khalid, The Ruler of Dubai, Lady Bamford and other illustrious figures.

The platform makes it simple for spectators all over the world to collect sets (4 or more) of badges designed in shirt colours worn by the featured 32 stables/teams and gain recognition in the form of Royal Enclosure Masters credentials (M.R.e) for not only anticipating  how these stables will move up the Championship position table, but just as importantly for style in presenting and defending supporting arguments for the decision they make.

The Championship runs from March 21st to October 21st during which time just one race (3 minute duration) taking place on a racecourse somewhere in the magnificent British countryside is featured everyday on the platform. Stables competing in this daily race are awarded points for their performance and gain higher positions on the position table.

The Royal Enclosure stables finishing this race in 1st place rises up in the table by 3 points for every Royal Enclosure stable participating, 2nd place rises by 2 points/Royal Enclosure stable and 3rd place rises by 1 points/Royal Enclosure team.

There is one exception; Royal Enclosure super stable Godolphin rises up in the table by 1 point/Royal Enclosure team regardless of finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. This is due to the frequency of the number of races in which the Godolphin stable participate.

Stable racehorses ratings (e.g. R80) indicate the performance of the horse. The lowest rated racehorse is R00 whilst the highest is around R140 or so.