Royal Enclosure walk-through


Royal Enclosure innovative design makes it fast and simple to become captivated by the extraordinary world of British equestrian racing and the illustrious pursuit of priceless horses and legendary trophies that has drawn many generations of Monarchs, Princes and Giants of industry to the sport over hundreds of years.

Each of the 32 most notable stables competing in British racing is represented by a coloured shield, which matches their racing colours.

When any of these 32 stables outperform (finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd place) in the daily challenge race their shield gains a higher ranking number on the board – as shown above.

In October (2017 season ends on 21st October) the Annual Royal Enclosure highest ranking stable title is awarded to the stable in the highest position on the board.


You can join in by purchasing a set of 4 or more shields designed in the racing colours of the 32 most powerful stables. When your set of shields all fall on numbers ending with 7 (e.g. 27, 57..) on the board you are awarded the highly distinguished Equestrian Racing Master credentials and a Royal Enclosure scarf in your very own stable racing colours.


Everyday from the start of the season (21st March in 2017) until the end (21st October in 2017) a single race is selected as the Royal Enclosure challenge race.

The daily challenge race features up to 9 of the 32 Royal Enclosure stables (amongst many other non Royal Enclosure stables in the race) and normally takes place somewhere in Great Britain. The challenge races last for 3-4 minutes and are normally across flat ground with each of the jockeys on the horses wearing a shirt and hat designed in the racing colours of their stable.

Royal Enclosure challenge race details are published each day at 09:00 (UK time) in the form of a card (example above) which shows the date & time of the upcoming daily challenge race e.g. 12th Sep 19.45, the location of the race e.g. Newcastle, the name of the competing stables e.g. Rausing, the competitor numbers assigned to each of the stables in the race e.g. [1] and a power rating e.g. P82 for each of the horses competing in the race.

Note: Generally the higher the P number the more powerful the horse. The most powerful 10 horses belonging to the 32 Royal Enclosure stables have ratings of P130 and above.

The Royal Enclosure challenge race card is replaced with a Finish card shortly after the race has ended. This card reveals the finishing positions e.g. 1st of the Royal Enclosure stables competing in the race.


Everyday after the challenge race has finished the position of the Royal Enclosure board shields are adjusted using the following scoring system:

Royal Enclosure stables finishing in 1st place rises up in the board by 3 spaces for every Royal Enclosure stable participating, 2nd place rises by 2 spaces/Royal Enclosure stable and 3rd place rises by 1 space/Royal Enclosure stable.

There is one exception; Royal Enclosure super stable Godolphin rises up the board by 1 space/Royal Enclosure stable regardless of finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. This is due to the high number of races in which the Godolphin stable participates.

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