Royal Enclosure scarf in Lord Lloyd-Webber’s racing stable colours.

Length : 78 inches (198cm)
Width: 30 inches (76cm)

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Seduced by the comfortably uplifting sense of grandeur, youth and invincibility that soars through you when wearing the Royal Enclosure scarf you would be forgiven for believing those absurd tales that link this scarf to enchanted cloaks and other mythical what nots, but I can assure you there is a perfectly logical explanation behind the scene.

You see the Royal Enclosure wool scarf has anything but humble origins and the edition you are wearing is not a replica of the original scarf, but a continuation of the scarf line using the same Royal wool cloth and Cambridge based masterly tailor skills that built this treasured accessory.

The Royal Enclosure scarf first came to life in the 1800’s when a commission was issued to build a winter garment to be worn by Prince Edward, the future King of England who was being tutored at Trinity college in Cambridge and frequently participating in sporting events in the frost bitten racehorse region surrounding the city

To build this garment of great warmth and stature the master clothier drew on the finest saxony wool stock held by royal warrant holder Hainsworth – suppliers of the cloth used to make the uniform for the Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace.

In an unconventional and dashing style that befitted the nature of the rather fashion conscious Edward the scarf was created in colour, combining purple and red into a broad striped design. The choice of colours being a tongue in cheek gesture that referenced a secret obsession by his strict mother (Queen Victoria) for Rose and Violet chocolates notably from Fortnum & Masons.

This legacy of these colours continues today. If you closely observe a race featuring racehorse owned by the Queen of England you will notice the jockeys are wearing the purple and red colours that originated from the time of the reign of King Edward VII.

A man of chivalry these majestically warm Royal Enclosure scarves were soon found adorning the shoulders of the ladies of the Royal Court and rapidly become an essential accessory for every Society lady’s excursion into the English countryside.

Over the ensuing years the Royal Enclosure striped coloured scarf was narrowed into a more affordable size and adopted by the colleges in Cambridge and further afield.

Purchase a Royal Enclosure scarf in the colours of of one of the thirty two formidable horse racing teams competing in Great Britain or request for a scarf to be created in your own colours and follow in the footsteps of King.

Byron Constable, Founder