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Spence stable is owned by Alan Spence vice-Chairman of Chelsea football team.

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Royal Enclosure stables tiles present you with a simple and captivating way to discover and master the sporting culture that surrounds the 32 most notable equestrian racing stables locked into battle across the magnificent British countryside.

Buy a set of 4 or more different Royal Enclosure stable tiles in any single checkout. (1 for you and 1 each for 3 friends perhaps!)

When your set of tiles form a straight connected line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) in separate spaces on the Royal Enclosure board you are awarded Royal Enclosure Masters credentials and a complimentary Royal Enclosure Masters scarf.

There are no additional charges although your scarf needs to be collected from one of our stockists in Cambridge. If delivery services are required a shipping fee £5 (local) or £10 (international) per scarf is charged.

Do Enjoy!


1. Royal Enclosure stable tiles are crafted in Great Britain using high quality acrylic and purchased in sets of 4 or more different stable designs. 
2. You are required to contact penny@royalenclosure.com to accept the award and arrange delivery of the Masters scarf within 30 days of the date your set of stable tiles move into a line on the Royal Enclosure board.
3. The Royal Enclosure Masters credentials and scarf are awarded only to the single person who purchased the set of stable tiles that have moved into a line on the board. 
4. The email address used at the checkout when buying the set of Royal Enclosure stable tiles will be used to confirm the award and the delivery of the Royal Enclosure Masters scarf.
5. You can be awarded the Royal Enclosure Masters scarf and credentials only once a year.
6. Royal Enclosure reserves the right to modify and updates these conditions at anytime.
7. In purchasing a set of Royal Enclosure stable tiles you agree to these conditions.