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Qatar team is owned by H.H. Sheik Sheikh Fahad bin Abdullah Al Thani a member of the Qatar Royal family.

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Product Description

Royal Enclosure team badges make it even more fun and exciting to follow Royal Enclosure teams locked in battle across the magnificent British countryside.

Buy a set of 4 or more different Royal Enclosure team badges in any single checkout. (1 for you and 1 each for 3 friends perhaps!)

When your set of team badges form a straight connected line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) on the Royal Enclosure table you are awarded Royal Enclosure Masters credentials and (for a 5 team badge line) a complimentary Royal Enclosure scarf.

There are no additional charges although your scarf needs to be collected from one of our stockists in Cambridge. If delivery services are required a shipping fee £5 (local) or £10 (international) per scarf is charged.



1. Royal Enclosure team badges are digital so there is no need to return anything.
2. Badges are non transferable.
2. The email address and payment details used at the checkout when buying the set of Royal Enclosure badges will be used to confirm delivery of the scarves.
3. The Royal Enclosure Masters credentials and scarf are awarded only to the single person who purchased the set of badges.
4. You can be awarded Masters credentials and a scarf only once per season.
5. Ends on the last day of the 2017 season. 21st Oct 2017.
5. Royal Enclosure reserves the right to modify and updates these conditions at anytime.