Only one of the thirty two teams competing with the fastest, most precious racehorses on earth will be awarded the Royal Enclosure Championship Title on 21st October 2017 after selectively competing in one exclusive race that takes place daily on Britain’s magnificent countryside racecourses over 7 consecutive months.

The daily race is normally the single race in Great Britain with the the highest number of the 32 Royal Enclosure teams participating.  

The Royal Enclosure team finishing this race in 1st place rises up in the table by 3 points for every Royal Enclosure team participating, 2nd place rises by 2 points/Royal Enclosure team and 3rd place rises by 1 points/Royal Enclosure team. There is one exception; Royal Enclosure super team Godolphin rises up in the table by 1 point/Royal Enclosure team regardless of finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. This is due to the frequency of the number of races in which the Godolphin team participate.

 Team racehorses ratings (e.g. R80) indicate the performance of the horse. The lowest rated racehorse is R30 whilst the highest is around R135.