Cambridge racing brand built for a 6 year old goes global.

Cambridge racing brand built for a 6 year old goes global.

 Royal Enclosure is a rapidly globalising racing brand started in Cambridge by a father who simply wanted to find a way to share his fascination with the grandeur of horse racing with his 2 young daughters aged 6 and 8.

The brand is now exporting Cambridge tailored racing team accessories that were borne out of this idea.

“Royal Enclosure started off as a kind of picture book in which I drew a set of coloured striped ribbons to help my daughters spot the most famous racing teams in a race.” Explains Byron Constable, founder of Royal Enclosure. “There were 32 striped ribbons designed in the colours worn by the teams owned by and named after Prince Khalid, Lady Bamford, HM the Queen, Prince of Qatar, Lord Lloyd-Webber, Michael Tabor, John Magnier and few of the other more notable teams.

“ Then everyday I would just burst through the door after they got home from school to recount the day’s most spectacular race in the form of Princes, a Queen, Lords, Ladies and Giants (Giants of industry not the tall type) sending their forces into battle across the English countryside. To them watching a race was like a fairytale coming to life.  They loved the stories and I loved telling them and so it went on.”

Inspired by friends Byron started experimenting with telling the same Royal Enclosure story to Chinese tourists visiting Cambridge and found not only an interest in the sport, but moreover willingness to buy accessories designed in the striped colours of these 32 teams which Ryder & Amies, the prestigious college outfitters in Cambridge, agreed to produce.

“It appears that we have triggered a sort of natural evolution for the sport with a new following among people all over the world drawn to it’s more illustrious side. “ Reveals Constable “ And it’s certainly encouraging to think that if our business projections are correct more people will follow British racing in Mainland China than in the whole of Great Britain by 2020, which will undoubtably contribute to raising the standard of living for all those involved in the British racing industry.”

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Royal Enclosure – live story starts on 21st March.

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Royal Enclosure, the simple, captivating and real story of a King, a Queen, some valiant young Princes, Lords and Ladies and a few powerful merchants all with forces on horse back locked in battle across the majestic British countryside . Live to the world from the 21st March 2017. Oh and don’t forget to tip him