Royal Enclosure takes you inside the real, highly captivating and daily unfolding story of power and passion as Lady Rothschild, John Magnier, Prince Khalid, Kirsten Rausing, HM the Queen, Lord Lloyd Webber, the Ruler of Dubai and other British equestrian racing titans challenge each other with their stable collections of priceless horses across the magnificent British countryside. More>

 Royal Enclosure scarves can now be purchased in the stables colours of these 32 titans or spectator colours credited to notable enthusiasts or groups of enthusiasts of the sport over the last 350 years including Edgar Degas, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. More>


Everyday during the season Royal Enclosure showcases one race taking place in Great Britain. This race features a number of the 32 Royal Enclosure stables competing for the trophy. Stables finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in this race move up the Royal Enclosure ranking board. More>

Thur 19th Oct Highclere x Strawbridge x Godolphin x Obaida x Saaed challenge in Newcastle @5.45pm 

Wed 18th Oct 1st Rothschild, 5th JC, 6th Obaida, 7th Cheveley, 12th Alshaqab in the #Royalenclosure challenge in Kempton @8.15pm

Tues 17th Oct 3rd Queen, 8th Highclere, 10th JC in the #Royalenclosure challenge in Leicester @2.00pm

Mon 16th Oct 2nd Queen, 4th Hamdan, 5th Khalid,  8th Cheveley, 10th Saleh in Yarmouth @2.10pm

Saturday 14th Oct 17  1st Khalid, 5th Juma, 6th Cheveley,  9th Hamdan in the Newmarket challenge @5.25pm

Friday 13th Oct 2017 2nd Magnier,  3rd Godolphin, 4th Smith, 7th Fitri, 8th Hamdan in the Newmarket challenge 3.35pm

Thu 12th Oct 2017  2nd Highclere, 4th Khalid, 5th Oppenheimer, 7th Godolphin challenge in Chelmsford today at 7.45pm

Wed 11th Oct 2017  1st Queen, 2nd Godolphin, 4th Strawbridge challenge in Kempton today at 7.25pm

Tue 10th Oct 2017  4th Spence, 6th Qatar challenge in Leicester today at 3.55pm

Mon 9th Oct 2017  5th Highclere, 11th Godolphin, 10th Qatar challenge in Windsor today at 7.25pm

Sun 8th Oct 2017 8th Tabor, 5th Magnier x 9th Clipper, 11th Godolphin at 3.05pm in Navan, Ireland

Sat 7th Oct 2017  1st  Tabor, 2nd Cheveley, 4th Godolphin, 5th Saleh, 6th Alshaqab, 7th Juma, 8th Smith today at 2.40pm in Newmarket

Fri 6th Oct 2017  1st Chevelely,  2nd Khalid, 3rd Hamdan, 15th Queen in the challenge today at 3.10pm

Thu 5th Oct 2017 1st Queen, 5th Khalid in the Royal Enclosure challenge today at 7.15pm


Join in through buying a set of 4 or more of the 32 Royal Enclosure stable shields and get awarded the esteemed Masters edition Royal Enclosure scarf on the day your set of shields all reach positions ending with 7 on the ranking board. More>